02 January 2011

Happy New Year.

A tradition has developed in the Dude household over the last 3 years. Dr. Ricky comes to town from Houston and we have a kitchen extravaganza of sorts. This year we celebrated by serving 11 dishes to bring in 2011. If we continue on that path, 2020 looks to be a challenging New Year's Eve...

The menu:


You'll notice there are 12 dishes there. We included an extra so that we could drop one out and still reach 11. The 11 dishes we served:

Duck fat confited russet potatoes and miso glazed calabasita squash:

Confit potatoes and miso-glazed calabasitas

You know you're having fun when you are blowtorching a relative of zucchini. Indeed, guests walked in just as the blowtorch came out.  A great visual to set the tone for the night.

Hamachi sashimi Peruian-style:

Hamachi sashimi Peruian-style

After slicing and seasoning the fish, hot oil was dripped onto the fish. Nice way to start the meal, I'm going to be cooking with sashimi quality fish more often.

Roasted brussel sprouts with mint and sambal olek:

Roasted brussel sprouts with mint and sambal olek

Another surprise hit. Brussel sprouts and mint.

Smoked tamarind pork ribs with slow-roasted apple:

Smoked tamarind pork ribs with slow-roasted apple

Ribs will get a post of their own in the future. But they were marinated in tamarind, garlic, soy sauce, hoisin and sriracha. Then smoked for 5 hours over pecan wood, and glazed with the reduced marinade.  Yum. Served next to slow-roasted apple.

Bagna cauda with vegetables:

Bagna cauda with vegetables

This one is becoming part of the canon. Dropped out the anchovy paste, and used whole anchovies instead. Delicious.

Two bacons with raclette on toast with shiso:

Two bacons with raclette on toast with shiso

Two bacons were a home-made, home-smoked bacon, and a buckboard bacon from Cochon butcher in New Orleans, fried and layered onto a home-baked bread. Smothered in melted raclette cheese and served with a spot of shiso on top. Yum.

Deep-fried chicken liver with Sichuan salt and rhubarb sauce:

Deep-fried chicken liver with Sichuan salt and rhubarb sauce

Comment of the night: "You keep making me eat things I don't like. Like chicken livers. And you make me like them!".

Savory huitlacoche cheesecake:

Huitlacoche cheesecake

The hit of the night. This cheesecake compensated for being one of the most unattractive pieces of food I've ever seen. It's grey. The cheesecake looks like mortar.  But what flavour.  Corn truffles indeed.

Smoke, tobacco and blackberry:

Smoke, tobacco and blackberry

Taken from the Alinea cookbook.  An unusual mix of smoky, acid and salt.

Yuzu/Meyer lemon cream tart:

Yuzu/meyer lemon tart

We used the same recipe as the lemon cream tart. Substitute yuzus (6) and Meyer lemon (1) for the lemon zest. Most of the juice came from the Meyer lemons, and we used a shortcake crust.

2003 Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey Sauternes:

2003 Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey Sauternes

Brought by one of our guests. This sauternes provided a lovely break. Crisp, sweet and complex. Really, really nice.

Sahlep saffron ice cream:

Sahlep saffron ice cream

A take on the Turkish ice cream dondurma.  A lovely saffron flavour with an unusual texture.

Some of these will get full out posts of their own in the future. But for now, I wanted to share our New Year's Eve with you.

Happy New Year one and all.


Mike said...

That was quite the spread - huitlacoche cheesecake is a new one on me :-)

Happy New Year!

Cara said...

We only had 8 courses, but the menu was also written on a Melissa & Doug easel :) Hopefully by 2020 we'll be in the same city again and can combine forces.

Indirect Heat said...

Mike: It was new for me, too. I wanted to try huitlacoche, though. It was Ricky's idea to cheesecake it.

Cara: That's hilarious. Great minds and all that. Hope your menu was awesome.

dguttgrl79 said...

what on earth does a gal have to do to get invited to this dinner??? what gastronomic gorgeousness, holy geez! wow, looks truly stunning and delicious, happy new year! what a brilliant and divine way to bring it in

Indirect Heat said...


Well, we've never had someone ask before... Are you in San Diego?

Thanks for the compliments.

dguttgrl79 said...

bbq dude:
if i had a dinner like that to attend, it doesn't matter where in the world i live because i would find my way there!!!! experiences like that are just priceless, and worth even a bit of airfare. :->

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