11 October 2009

Gourmet is dead. Long live gourmet!

A few months ago, I fired Gourmet magazine. While I was on vacation last week, they sent me this letter:
Dear Bbq Dude,

You've got the insider's knack for knowing where to go. What to order. Where to shop, stay and dine the world over. How to re-create top chefs' best dishes in your own home.

Or at least you did... until your GOURMET subscription expired recently.

Wait, I used to be cool because I subscribed to Gourmet? And now I'm not cool, so I should subscribe to be cool again? Really? I remember what it was like to be 14. It wasn't that much fun the first time around, and I'm rather surprised that a food magazine is trying to get me to relive that era of pimples and insecurity.

And, as it happens, turns out that I'm ahead of the curve. I'm a trendsetter. Condé Nast closed Gourmet magazine. While most news agencies have treated the death of Gourmet as a huge blow to quality food-writing, I, for one, greet the news with more relief than sorrow. Gourmet was already dead. Condé Nast just finally pulled the plug.

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