06 February 2010

Game day

Pulled pork sandwich

SuperBowl Sunday tomorrow. What to do? What to do? Well, while we're not huge football fans (Mrs. Dude and I are hockey fans), Bbq Jr. is *extremely* excited about football. He's 4, and he's cheering for the Coats. "The Colts?" says I. "The Indian Apple Coats." says him. And he says that I can cheer for "the Sinks". Well, okay then.

But more importantly, while we're watching the game on our plasma HD TV (what can I say, Mrs. Dude and I are movie buffs), what will we be consuming? For one, pulled pork sandwiches seems appropriate. And smoked lemonade. Gonna experiment with tequila in the smoked lemonade. If it's a success, you'll hear more about it later. Bbq Jr. will be having a smoothie. And for dessert? Haven't fully decided yet... Any suggestions?

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