01 July 2010

Tokyo vending machines

I *love* Tokyo.  This is a food city.  I would just wander around, then look for a small restaurant with the longest line, inevitably leading to deliciousness.

Tokyo also has beverage vending machines everywhere.  Not surprising, given that it's about 96% humidity and pretty damn warm this time of year.  It's gotta be a public health issue to keep folks hydrated.  And what fun, most of the things in the machines are unrecognizable to an ex-pat Canuck.

The vending machines are tucked into all kinds of weird corners.  Check these ones out, on the driveway to a parking garage.

Vending machines in Tokyo

The vending machines are filled with all kinds of crazy things. What to try first?  How about this milk tea:

Milk tea

A nice, refreshing tea.  Cool and sweet, but not American-style super-sweet.

Or soymilk tea.


Richer in flavour, more like a mild version of chai, but still very refreshing.

Then there was this H2O drink.

Not water

Don't be fooled. This is not water. I bought it when hot, sweaty and exhausted, and guzzled it thinking I had purchased water. It was some mild fruity thing. But try as I might, I did not find this refreshing. Dehydrated as I was, I drank half of it, and dumped the rest. That mild fruity flavour was revolting.

But, you know, weird stuff in vending machines?  Neat.


Hiroyuki said...

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan, not just in Tokyo!

I can live without all those "sports drinks" (Pocari Sweat, Acquarius, DAKARA, etc., etc.), but I can't live without mugicha (roasted barley tea)!

Bbq Dude said...

I hope to some day have the opportunity to poke around other parts of Japan. I loved Tokyo, and the tiny bit of countryside I saw between Tokyo and Narita Airport. I hope to return, and explore more of Japan. I *loved* it there.

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