07 September 2010

Home-made bacon is better. Really.

This is why you should make your own bacon.  Industrial bacon is gross.  Roughly handled (that's why it's flabby-textured).  Squirted full of water (that's why it shrinks so much in your pan).  Not cured very long, and not smoked (that's why it's not very flavourful).  It's no wonder that home-smoked bacon is ridiculously better.  Make yourself some bacon.  Today.

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John K. said...

If that video doesn't convince you to make your own bacon, well, you just need to try it anyway, and the taste will. I've been making my own bacon over the last year, and I can't imagine buying bacon anymore. It's simple, taste so much better than what comes prepackaged, and it's quite rewarding. Like so many things we cook or make at home -- there is the satisfaction that comes from having done it yourself.

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