12 July 2012

Jalapeño-infused tequila


We recently visited Mayahuel in New York. It's a great little Mexican place. Not fajitas and margaritas Mexican, but more Mexican-inspired American cuisine. The most exciting part was the various cocktails using jalapeño-infused tequila. Fun cocktails that had a slow burn associated with them. Yum! Well, as soon as we got home I started a batch.

I wasn't sure where to start, so we started with:
5 jalapeños
1 ½ cups tequila (I used Herradura reposado)

I chopped the jalapeños and soaked them in tequila in the fridge. Three days, stirring each day.


Then run the infusion mess through a sieve. This infusion creates a nice tequila with a slow burn. Amazing on its own, but better in a cocktail. More soon.

Jalapeño-infused tequila


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