29 September 2009

Knight Salumi Co.

San Diego has a pretty grim restaurant scene, but I have a hard time imagining anywhere better for a home cook. The resources here are truly spectacular.

Case in point: Knight Salumi Co. These guys cure and ferment - yes ferment - their own meats, Italian style, and you can get them at farmer's markets across the city (I prefer the Little Italy Farmer's Market, myself).

The meats from Knight Salumi are very strong flavoured (and while I don't like all of them) their sopressata is crazy delicious. This has a strong fermented flavour and scent (odour? stench? what's a nice way to say that meat smells delicious???), I just love the way it smells. Thrown on a sandwich with some cheese, lettuce and tomato, you've got a 3 minute gourmet lunch. Yum.

Knight Sopressata

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