15 April 2010



Sharp knives are a dream to work with. They make routine tasks enjoyable. It's also important to have sharp knives in the kitchen, because they're less likely to slip on the material you're cutting, and you're less likely to hurt yourself. When I'm planning on cooking at someone's house, I will bring my own knives because it's that much more fun.

But you have to treat your knives well (for an excellent knife primer, go here). Cut on a cutting board. Don't put them in the dishwasher (rattling around in there, they'll get dull in no time).  Store them somewhere they won't bang into your other kitchen toys.  And get them sharpened.

I've recently discovered a new small knife sharpener here in San Diego.  They did a great job on my knives in 20 minutes, and they'll come to you for an extra fee.  They're inexpensive (they did my 4 chef's knives, plus a paring knife, carving knife and kitchen shears for $20).  And my knives are now so sharp, I can cut through the fabric of reality.  That's right.  They're *that* sharp.

My only complaint?  Their hours are pretty consumer-unfriendly, they're only open a few hours, during normal business hours, only on weekdays.  (Do they do most of their business with restaurants?)

True Sharp.

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Note added Dec 22, 2010: On my second visit to True Sharp, they did another excellent job. In discussions with me, they clarified two things: One, they do not have the facilities to properly sharpen Japanese knives. Not surprising, after all, Japanese knives are a pretty niche item. Second, most of their business is restaurants. But they have recently modified their shop hours to be more consumer-friendly. Mon - Wed: 11am - 7pm. Thanks, guys. They do excellent work. And now my knives are ready for some good holiday cookin'.

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