15 June 2010

Korean rice beverage

In Korea, I discovered some interesting things in the vending machine.  First, it appears Jolt Cola's Gatorade's campaign of world domination has been successful:

Jolt Korea

Second, Koreans have all kinds of exciting beverages.  Try this one, canned sikhye, according to Dr. Ricky:

Rice beverage

Mild flavoured, it tastes a lot like Thai sticky rice.  One would assume, then, that it is sweetened with palm sugar.  It's a lot less sweet than many American vending machine beverages.  It's really quite tasty.  Not something to relieve the heat and humidity of a June day in Korea, but it really is quite nice.

It might take me a while to get used to the chunks on bottom, though.

Oh, and it's 116,000 calories.

116 kcal



Charles said...

Gotta love those Korean beverages. My favorite is Crunchy Pear, made by Lotte (as are most of them, it seems). Tastes just like a liquified Asian pear.

* said...

for anyone else that had to spend some time pondering the kcals. at least I hope I wasn't the only one...

Anonymous said...

That's the Gatorade lightning bolt, not the Jolt bolt.

Bbq Dude said...

Thanks. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

What we know as a calorie, the one on the back of food packaging, is actually a kilocalorie.

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