17 August 2010


So I've added wokking to the repertoire here at Indirect Heat.  Been having fun with 75,000 BTUs of heat (and a few mishaps, but more on those later).  Did I mention 75,000 BTUs?  Giddyup.

But to fully take advantage of the wok burner, one needs a seasoned wok.  I'm still trying to get the hang of seasoning the large 22" wok.  Here, I'll show you the 14" wok I got from the Wok Shop (props to KirkK for pointing the way to the Wok Shop).

Alright, so following the recommended seasoning method from the Wok Shop, I vigorously cleaned the Wok.

Clean wok

I coated the wok with:


Greased nicely:

Oiled wok

Wrapped the wooden handles with wet clothes, then with foil.

Wrapped wok

And baked in the oven at 450°F for 20 minutes, which yielded this:

1st cure

Scrub clean, and repeat oil, protect, bake:

Cured wok

Look at that!  Ready to go onward to wokking adventures!

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