28 August 2010

Food... in... Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace...

This space station sits in our living room. Bbq Jr. uses it. A lot. (He has his own separate space suits and launch suits).

Space station

This will become relevant in a moment.

There are food competition shows, and then there are food competitions shows. I confess, I find most of them rancid. Tallest Cakes. Next Aluminum Chef. Next Food Network Bomb. Gag. But I have a soft spot in my heart for Top Chef and Top Chef Masters. It's fun to watch what the experts do with the challenges they're given. And the upcoming Top Chef (on Sep 1 - my birthday!) is the ultimate in nerdy foodie fun. Make a dish that can be served on the International Space Station.  We'll be watching this one with our little space guy, Bbq Jr.


tip o' the spatula to my favourite space blog, Bad Astronomy.

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