17 February 2011

Ginger-plum sauce


In the grand preparations for Bbq Jr's fifth birthday, there were sauces galore. My favourite was the plum sauce that we made to serve with his favourite meat (gonna keep it a surprise for now). This sauce was inspired by a previous sauce Dr. Ricky made for a whole pig that we cooked up in 2009.

I started with 7 each of:
lemon plums
red plumbs
Pit and halve them.

Also, shred finely:
3 tbsp ginger
Fry up the ginger over high heat until it's nice and soft. Throw in as many plums as will hit the bottom of the pan. Place them cut side down so that you get a nice sear on the plums. When they're nicely seared, add the rest of the plums and a tiny bit of water. Lower the heat, and simmer until the plums reach a nice saucy consistency (I like my sauces a tiny bit chunky, but you can simmer longer if you want to break it down further).

brown sugar
to taste. Cool and serve. Gingery, plummy goodness. Yum.

plum sauce


Cara said...

I'm pretty jealous of your ingredients. There is nothing in season here in Baltimore. Maybe we should have applied to the West Coast.

Bbq Dude said...

Yeah, that really is the best part of living in San Diego. You can get damn near anything at any time.

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