01 February 2011

Lucky Seafood

Lucky Seafood

San Diego has a large number of very high quality grocers, of varying ethnicities and types. There are loads of food blogs that review restaurants, and even a fair number that write about San Diego restaurants. My interests center around home cooking - so let's see if we can't stir up something a little original here. I bring you: SAN. DIEGO. GROCERY. STORES! (read that slowly in a deep, loud voice for the full effect)

I drove by Lucky Seafood a lot of times before I finally set foot inside. First off, the outside of the store looks a little grungy, and really, hygiene is key when looking for a fish place. But turns out, Lucky Seafood is not a fish place. Sure, they sell fish here, but it's a small counter in the back.

Fish counter

It's really a general purpose grocery store, with a focus on Vietnamese items. This is my go to place for pork necks and chicken feet (staples for making ramen), both available for cheap in large supply. Indeed, the meat counter has all kinds of cheap cuts, and is a fabulous place to get pork butt.  I'll be picking one up this week for a batch of pulled pork sandwiches for the Superbowl this weekend.

Meat counter

The produce here is crazily inexpensive, and includes the various Asian greens and many Asian herbs. Every time we visit, the produce is in great shape, which to me means that they are good at keeping on top of things.

While many of them are pre-packaged forcing you to buy five thousand little Thai chiles, given that they sell for $1.82, it's really hard to complain. And when have you ever seen veggies that looked so good under plastic? Yum.

Thai eggplant

A nice selection of lovely canned goods adorn the aisles, from bamboo shoots to baby corn, load the shelves.  In addition, a small selection of Asian cooking implements are tucked in the back, and a whole row of various Asian liquors are across the front of the store.

Assorted canned goods

And while I haven't the faintest clue what pickled lotus rootlets are for, I kinda want to find out...

Assorted canned goods

These days, Lucky Seafood is one of our favourite Asian markets in the city, partly due to its proximity to our own home, but also given the cost, quality of the meat and veggies and the lack of dense, angry crowds found at other markets in the city, we go here a lot.

This is an excellent, local Asian small grocer.

Lucky Seafood
9326 Mira Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, CA
(858) 586-7979 ‎
Open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day

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Mary said...

Whenever I want Pho, I always go to the restaurant attached to this market as well. Or if I have a pocky craving. Or I want cheap meats. This place rocks.

Bbq Dude said...


I've never eaten there, but I eat frequently across the street at the Pho Cow Cali (mostly I have the bùn there). But I agree, Lucky Seafood is an excellent market.

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