13 September 2012

Chokecherry milkshake


When I was a kid growing up in southern Alberta, my mom would convince the neighborhood kids to help her pick chokecherries or Nanking cherries by offering up rewards. In retrospect, we probably weren't super-helpful. Did she enjoy our company? Was she teaching us a lesson in the value of labour? Probably both.

But her favorite reward for us was a fresh cherry milkshake.

Cherry milkshakes are pretty easy to put together. No quantities required. Just:
ice cream
chokecherry syrup

I loosely fill our blender with ice cream. Then add milk to about half full. And add about ¼ volume syrup.

Chokecherry milkshake

Yup, this is all very rough. Too much milk, and your milkshake is runny. Too little syrup, and it's not flavourful enough. Practice. Taste. Even your failures will be pretty tasty.

Chokecherry milkshake

Most importantly, serve these to a child in your life. And watch their face light up. This flavour is available nowhere else.


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