04 September 2012


We're settling in and becoming locals in New England. We enjoy the local bounty, and here the local bounty includes oysters (and numerous local places that sell them). At New Deal fish market we picked up several different kinds of oysters, including Cape Spears (from New Brunswick - brown oysters below), Moon Shoals (green below).

Cape Spear & Moon Shoal

And our often favourite, Wellfleets.


For my birthday this year, Mrs. Dude purchased me the means to have oysters in our home. She got me a Wusthof Oyster Knife and a bucket of oysters. I can't say enough good things about being able to shuck and eat oysters at home. Oysters are a tad tricky to open, but with the right equipment, it doesn't need to be dangerous. I watched a few videos, and this cheesy 80s video is one of the better ones.

We did one thing differently. In the interests of saving the tendons in my hand, my lovely wife bought me a chain-mail glove. In one afternoon, this glove prevented at least 6 trips to the emergency room, so if you don't have the hands of a surgeon, I'd recommend the glove.

Opening an oyster

We don't do much with them, merely serving with a touch horseradish and cocktail sauce. What a luxury, to be able to eat these at home.


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