15 May 2009

Does the world *really* need another food blog?

Does the world *really* need another food blog? Really?

In all honesty, probably not. There are plenty of truly fantastic blogs out there. And mind-boggling quantities of ridiculously bad ones. Lousy photos, lousy descriptions, lousy food...

Here at Indirect Heat, I aspire to link two communities that have largely been separate - the BBQ community and the foodie community. I'm interested in fantastic food, fantastic wine and the fabulous things smoke and a few hours can do to an otherwise inexpensive cut of meat. I'll be posting on culinary adventures of a home cook, with an emphasis on bbq.

Welcome to my blog.


KirkK said...

The world can always use another excellent food blog! Welcome and cheers!

Bbq Dude said...

Thanks. I've certainly been enjoying your blog since I moved to SD.

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