16 May 2009

A lazy Saturday calls for margaritas!

I've been on a mission for several weeks to make the perfect margarita. I'm not there yet, but this recipe is a pretty good one. Not too bitter, not too sweet and plenty of yummy tequila flavour. And perfect on a barbecue day...

This recipe is a slightly modified version of one passed on to me by a very good friend in Maryland.

We start with a decent quality tequila (I prefer Herradura añejo for this), Cointreau, agave syrup and fresh limes (don't ever make the mistake of using bottled lime juice for this - it's appalling).

3 oz decent quality tequila
2 oz Cointreau
2 oz fresh lime juice (squeeze it yourself!)
1/4 oz agave nectar (or simple syrup)

The handy part of having a little lime juicer like the one above, is it is extremely convenient for rimming the glass. Just run the lip of glass quickly through the lime juice, and then again through a small pile of kosher salt. And voilà! Rimmed glass! (ahem. did I say that?)

Right. Mix the ingredients listed above, add ice (as desired). Run through the blender (or not - today I prefer it on the rocks). And serve. A beautiful start to a Saturday evening.


July 14, 2009 UPDATE

Use the darkest agave syrup you can get your fingers on. It adds a much nicer, richer flavour to the margarita.


Cara said...

Thanks for adjusting it to oz instead of cups! We only had a 1/4 c. of triple sec in the house and I had no idea how to adjust my recipe :) First margarita since the baby...so good!

Bbq Dude said...

In the summertime I have this recipe memorized. I make this a lot in the summer.

Running Wild in Vancouver said...

wow, this is like a tranquilizer in a glass! Very tasty, but potent!

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