30 June 2009

The Power of the Googles

Blogging really is, at least on some level, an ego trip. I admit it. Hell, I revel in it.

I use the nifty tools that Google Analytics makes available for bloggers to look and see where people are who are reading my blog. What fun! I've got a returning reader in Pakistan! I've had readers in Belgium and Germany who looked at more than one page! Ah, the power of the internets. But most interestingly, I can see which Google search terms resulted in people clicking through here. And I find that fascinating. So in the same style as Jenni Field at Pastry Methods and Techniques, I bring you the search terms folks have used to find me, interpreted into a question (if I can) and my answer.

1) Do you have a lazy margarita recipe?

I think you're asking for an easy margarita recipe. Ask, and ye shall receive. A classic margarita recipe that takes very little time to prepare.

2) Do you have a habanero pineapple recipe?

Why yes. Yes I do.

3) If you're using frozen rhubarb to make a pie, should you thaw it?

No. No, don't ever thaw rhubarb for pie. Like most frozen fruit, it'll turn into soup when it thaws. Use the frozen rhubarb, but bake it longer when you're making the rhubarb pie.

4) How do you bbq pizza using indirect heat?

As it happens, I have a recipe!

5) Is limp rhubarb okay?

Yes. It makes me sad to see limp rhubarb, but you can still use it to make quite lovely pie. Just cut off any brown parts.

6) How do you slow cook wild boar over indirect heat?

Well, I guess you would use normal indirect heat techniques. I've never cooked wild boar, but basically, any meat you're cooking... Start the fire on one side of the grill, put the wild boar (dead, preferably) on the other side of the grill, and cook until done. In all seriousness, it depends on the cut. But drop me a line if you have a source for wild boar.

This has been the first installment of the power of the Googles. See you next time!

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