28 January 2010

Roasted onions

I'm kinda loving the new Momofuku book. Loving it. I mean, umami bombs of ramen deliciousness? Sign me up!

Well, had to try his version of roasted onions, as it's required for numerous dishes (and, it's gotta be good, because roasted onions go great with stuff like bratwurst). So even a failure here would probably be a pretty nice success.

So we start with
3 onions
neutral oil (I used canola)
So, chop the onions. I like to have big pieces, so chop them on the axis to give lots of rings of onion delicioiusness.

Heat the oil in a large frying pan over high heat and toss the onions in there.


As the onions start to sizzle, turn the heat down to medium. Toss the onions with a pinch of kosher salt. Now, stir the onions, only occasionally.

roasting onions

And continue to cook the onions, approximately an hour, until nicely browned and totally softened. Don't mistake the photo (the flash makes it appear lighter). You want a really nicely browned onion.

roasted onions

This is deliciousness. Caramelized and yummy, this will go great in a sandwich, on a brat, or chopped and tossed into any dish that enjoys onions. Love it. More soon.

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