12 October 2010

Pride Mountain Winery


After making the mistake of visiting a winery without any vetting, we poked around Chowhound to find a winery that we would be delighted by. We focused on small to medium sized wineries, so we could get something different. Something new.

Pride Mountain Vineyards was near the top of the list.  It's a remote winery, 20 minutes west of St. Helena in Napa.  The drive is good fun, on narrow roads, through curvy, tree-covered terrain.

At the top of the mountain is a beautiful scene. If this is where my review ended, I would still recommend Pride Mountain Vineyards. Simply sitting on the patio, looking out over this:

Pride mountain

- really made me happy. It's a stunning view, in a quiet remote location. Really magical.

But (as I'm sure you're surprised to hear) they also serve wine. The first wine that was poured was a delightful viognier. Very, very nice. But the real surprise was their merlot. I haven't had many merlots that I was fond of. The merlot we tasted was perfectly structured. Well-balanced, with a long, extremely pleasant finish. Complex without being muddled. This is one of the best wines that has ever passed over my lips.  We savoured the tasting serving over 20 minutes.

Pride wine


Pride Mountain Vineyards
4026 Spring Mountain Rd
St Helena, CA 94574-9773
(707) 963-4949

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