05 October 2010

A little information.

We're currently toodling around the Bay Area on our annual vacation. Naturally, a big part of our vacation is exploring the deliciousness that can be found along our trip. We're big users of services like Chowhound, as you can rule out certain places to visit.

But one doesn't always have the time to vet every visit to a den of deliciousness. Take the other day. We're pulling into Paso Robles, and we can tell from the GPS we'll be getting there right at five o'clock. We'd like to visit a winery, but they all close at five. So we quickly did some searching on our Android phones, and discovered that Meridian was on the route. No time to vet it.

Ugh. Fail. Five wines, the best thing I can say about them is that none of them were offensive-tasting. Most of them had no flavour at all.

But then there's yesterday morning. Bbq Jr. and I are headed out for an early breakfast to the Embarcadero area of San Francisco. But I have a little post-it note, with the name of a coffee shop. Steve, the owner of Zumbar Coffee in San Diego has told me that Blue Bottle Coffee is one of the best coffees on the West Coast.

Steve's obviously not the only one who thinks so. The line for this place was pretty long at 8 on a Monday morning.


But this is some fantastic coffee. The macchiato I order has the right balance of sweet and acid. The froth on the top is light. An amazing coffee.

It pays to be informed.

Blue Bottle Coffee (multiple locations)
66 Mint Street, San Francisco, CA
(415) 495-3394
M-F 7-7, Saturday 8-6, Sunday 8-4.

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