27 May 2010

Zumbar Coffee

I've been keeping a secret from the internets.  I've been a bit nervous to share my secret, as I don't want them to get too crowded.  In a non-descript strip mall, hidden practically under I-5 in San Diego, is probably the finest coffee place in San Diego.


You might hardly even notice it - it's labeled "Coffee Shop".  This is Zumbar.

Do you remember "Cheers"?  This place is like Cheers.  Only good.  And clean.  And with coffee instead of beer.  And with little pastries and rugelach.  You walk in, and the baristas yell "NORM!".

Okay.  Basically, it's nothing like Cheers.  But the clientele there is almost exclusively made up of regulars drawn from the local biotech community.

The real draw is the house-roasted beans that are expertly extracted to make outrageously tasty lattes.


And if froofy coffee drinks are your thing, like Mrs. Dude, they make a wicked caffe mocha.


Check them out.  But be warned: once you try Zumbar, you'll never go anywhere else for coffee.

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* said...

no going back to star***** after this!

Bbq Dude said...

Are you referring to *bucks?

Aron said...

I've tried making foam like that before. You really have to be an expert.

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