04 May 2010


Assembled burger

Back from out of country, but we're tired.  So what to grill on a lovely Sunday night?  Burgers:
1 ½ lb 15% fat ground beef
1 ½ tsp Northwood Seasoning
Penzey's Spices includes various spice mixes with their spice orders.  We often mix use them to make burgers.  In this case, Northwood Seasoning.  Mix together and form patties.

Formed pattie

Toss on a screaming hot grill.

Grilling burger

Sear.  (About 3 minutes).  Flip.

Grilled burger

After a couple minutes, add some cheese.  We used a lovely blue, Blue Point Reyes.  Let it go a couple minutes, to finish off the burger and soften the cheese, yum.

Cheesed burger

Then, slide the burger off the direct heat.  Toast buns.

Toasted bun

Assemble a burger with the usual toppings.  Lettuce.  Tomato.  Mustard.  Mayo.  Home-made bacon?  Sure, if you've got it.


Serve hot.  Makes 5 burgers.

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