01 May 2010

A lazy Saturday calls for...

Avalanche shot

This is actually a lazy Tuesday. We spent Tuesday afternoon hiking around the Chateau Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies with Bbq Jr. While he soaked his pants and socks, what a trooper, he was delighted to hike a couple miles around the lake. At the end of our hike, we stopped in the Chateau for a nice lunch.

Mrs. Dude had an Avalanche, described as "Espresso, Baileys, Frangelico and whatever else gets caught in its path." We were able to procure the recipe, and share it here:
1 oz fresh brewed espresso
½ oz Baileys
½ oz Frangelico
½ oz white crème de cacao
2 oz cream

Shake with ice, strain into glass, add whipped cream and chocolate chunks. Serve.


Doesn't that look tasty?

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