15 May 2010

1 year of Indirect Heat

Smoked belly

Whoa.  Indirect Heat turns 1 year old today.  132 posts.  91 recipes.  And really some good fun.  A quick thanks to Dr. Ricky, who indirectly (heh, pun there. like that?) pointed me towards blogging.  I don't believe it was his intention, but there you go.  Truth is this was born out of an evening out with Mrs. Dude, in a restaurant in southern California, discussing what I could do with my cooking obsession.

Well, what has happened in the first year of Indirect Heat:

5,996 unique visitors have come to poke around Indirect Heat.  From a lot of parts of the world, shown below:

1 year of Indirect Heat

And you've voted on your favourite posts with your clicks.  Your favourite posts?  In order:
1.  Home-cured, home-smoked bacon.
2.  Roast whole pig.
3.  Home-smoked brisket.
4.  Buffalo tri-tip.
5.  Michael Ruhlman's BLT challenge (in which I earned an honorable mention).
This has been super good fun.  And it's expanded my horizons.  Feeling like I need to write a blog post has been great encouragement for me to not fall back on my old standby recipes, but to try new ones.  Thanks for spending time with me here.  Hopefully the next year is at least as fun as the past year.


* said...

Happy BlogAVersary!

Dave said...

Happy anniversary! I really enjoy your blog. I've GOT to try your bacon recipe. Here's to another year.

Bbq Dude said...

Thanks to both of you.

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