08 November 2011

Blanched pearl onions

Pearl onions

Starting to learn our bearings around the city. Turns out, we're not far from all kinds of deliciosity, including the lovely H-mart in Burlington. Naturally, we made a run out there to get the ingredients to make homemade ramen.

We like to add various veggies and leftover meats to our ramen broth when we serve it. A delightful veggie is pearl onions, but to prepare more than a couple it can be a pain. Unless you blanche them.

Cut the root end of each onion. Toss into a pot of boiling water, and boil for 60 seconds, no more, no less.

Blanching pearls

Remove from the hot water, and cool. Squeeze the onion out of the peel, out the cut end. Be careful, or you'll end up firing the onion across the room.

Use to garnish a salad, or toss in some ramen broth. Delicioso.

Blanched pearls


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Ooo...skewer and tempura batter!

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