04 August 2009

Ostrich burger!

Well, after enjoying some lovely ostrich scrambled eggs, you knew that we would have to eat the bird itself... Right? RIGHT???

Ostrich burger

We start with the raw, ground ostrich meat. It's pretty low in fat.

Raw ostrich burger

So to juice it up a bit, we mix in some homemade, raw chopped bacon (I hope to eventually post on homemade bacon, but I haven't made any since before I started the blog - but look at the header of Indirect Heat to see a picture of homemade bacon). This should increase the fat content (it's a trick we've tried before with other low-fat meats).

Then we mix it all up, and form patties. We didn't want to overwhelm the flavour of the ostrich meat (indeed, we wanted to be able to taste it - not knowing what ostrich tastes like).

Ostrich patties

And onto the screaming hot grill, a few minutes on each side.

Ostrich burger on the grill

Again, no cheese going on here, we want to taste ostrich.

Ostrich burger on the grill

Starting to look a little tasty, don't you think?

The final formed burger we served with home-grown green zebra tomatoes, dressed on a bun. And the verdict? Meh.

Ostrich meat is bland. Bland, bland, bland. Not surprising it hasn't really caught on. Even fattened up with bacon, it's still a very mild flavour. Granted, we didn't give it the full benefit of seasoning (salt-only) as we wanted to be able to taste the meat - but still - bacon and salt made ostrich meat barely noticeable. We'll need a pretty good reason to try this again.

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egg comes first; not the bird

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