31 July 2009

Ostrich egg

Ostrich egg/chicken egg

San Diego has the world's most fantasticest zoo. And the associated Wild Animal Park is crazy good fun for kids of all ages. Rhinos. Elephants. Ostriches. All in something that vaguely resembles their home environement.

Our 3-year old son *loves* the animal park. I am... ambivalent. But I acquired more enthusiasm for it on our most recent trip when we passed not one, but two stands on the way out to the Wild Animal Park that sells ostrich eggs and ostrich meat. HURRAY for ostrich eggs.

They're fracking huge. And they sell for $25 each (though to be fair, they also sell the shells for $20, which says that the contents of said egg are really only worth about $5).

Well you know that I had to have one. So I forked out $25 a brought one home (shown above next to a chicken egg).

Ostrich yolk/chicken yolk

I didn't know what to do with my new ostrich egg. I mean, really? How do you showcase the ostrichy flavour? Scrambled eggs, I guess. I cracked it into a bowl with the chicken egg for scale. The yolk is HUGE. HUGE.

And thick. To beat that egg yolk took some serious work. It was almost pastish. Clearly a thicker egg yolk than chicken eggs.

Well, I scrambled that bad boy, and poured it into the pan.

Scrambled ostrich

I gently fried the egg with butter and salt. We really wanted to be able to taste

Scrambled ostrich

Look at how fluffy the ostrich egg became. Light and fluffy. Much more so than a chicken egg. It was truly striking how different the texture was from a traditional chicken egg.


Served with homemade bacon... delicious! While the flavour wasn't all that different from a chicken egg, the texture was marvelous. I wish I had made omelets. The fluffiness was perfect.

Scrambled ostrich egg and homemade bacon

I froze the leftover liquid egg mix in 2 ice cube trays, and will use them as chicken eggs in the future. One ostrich egg is a damn lot of egg. And I have a beautiful ostrich eggshell leftover on on the shelf in my kitchen. Win win win!

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