20 July 2009

Black Beans with Chipotle and Tomato


This blog isn't all meat, all the time. We also do a wee bit o' veggie cooking. For example, this brown bean concoction from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. (This book is fantastic for veggie sides to your big hunk o' meat, and for weeknight veggie cooking). To serve with Mexican cuisine, we make black beans with chipotle and tomato.
1 tbsp oil
1/2 onion, finely diced
1 28 oz can black beans
1 tsp chipotle chile
1 cup finely chopped roma tomatoes
4 cilantro sprigs
garnish: chopped cilantro, jalapeno
Sautée onions in hot oil until soft (3-5 minutes). Add everything but garnish, simmer for half an hour or so. This is an easy addition for Mexican cuisine, for folks who look forward to the bean portion of the meal.

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